How to Reset iPhone

A factory reset is also commonly known as hard reset. It will delete all the data on your iPhone and return to its factory resetting. If the user wants to start with fresh phone then he can perform hard reset task. With all the back up, user will not lose any data and the iPhone will start running better. If the device is completely un responsive, then restore it via itunes.

Method 1
Step 1
Resetting an iPhone the only thing user need to do is Press and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously . This will reset the device.
Step 2
Continue holding these two buttons until you see a apple Logo on the device. It will take around 20 seconds.
Step 3
Wait till the phone start booting. iPhone take time for booting. So don’t be hyper, be calm.if you don’t see the logo on the screen for a whole. After few minutes, your device will boot to your home screen.
Step 4
Performing reset is actually the best way to solve any problem. If you face any problem with device performing reset will make the device fast and fix the issues.

iPhone 5Se

Method 2
Hard reset using Apple iTunes.
Step 1
Back up the data of the device by following these simple steps.
• Connect the iPhone with computer and launch iTunes.
• Select your iPhone from the row of buttons along the top of the window.
• Select this computer and click on the back up now .backing up of the device will take few minutes.
Step 2
Select your device in iTunes and click “restore iPhone “to factory reset the device.
Notification for confirmation to delete all the data of the device will blink. The reset will take around 15-20 minutes.
Step 3
Keep your device on recovery mode if the device is not responding or you are unable to see the screen pass code. Just keep the device on recovery mode. This will let the device to restore when you connect it to computer.
• While the device is off, simultaneously press and hold the home button.
• Plug the device in computer via USB,and see that iTunes is running.
• Release the Home button when ITunes logo appears on the screen.
• Follow the steps as directed. For restoring.
Step 4
After restoring the device , the user can use iTunes to load up the latest back up. With iPhone connected to the computer, the user can connect to iTunes . click the restore back up button and select the data you want to load.

If you are resetting your device as new , then you will be asked to enter Apple id password.if you don’t have the access to this information , in that case you have to contact the original owner of the device and say them to release the device from their account at www.icloud.com/find.