Best Smartphones for Super Fast Surfing & Browsing Internet

Are you just looking for the best smartphone for web browsing? When you are buying a smartphone from any carrier, ensure that you are having the one with the best internet plans. Aside from the support for faster networks and the screen, it is essential for your mobile to have a backing of good battery also.

mobile internet

After comparing some specifications related to high-speed browsing abilities, here we are discussing 5 best smartphones which are perfect for mobile internet browsing.

Motorola Moto X Play:

Moto X Play runs on Android OS and Chrome is its default browser. This handset is completely durable and features the 4G LTE data network connectivity. This is the perfect phone for you, if you browse not just on the go, but also in haphazard and unpredictable situations.

Huawei Nexus 6P:

Huawei Nexus 6P also runs on Android OS and supports 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi network connections. Its screen size is comparable to the Note 5.

Apple iPhone 6S:

Safari is the default web browser for the iPhone 6S like all web enable Apple devices. With latest iOS, you can connect to Wi-Fi or use the 4G LTE network simultaneously. The iPhone 6S is perfect for internet browsing with its impressive battery life and bright display.

OnePlus 2:

While looking for super fast web browsing, the OnePlus 2 fits well to the criteria. It belongs to the top mobiles in the market and sports a good battery life. The 5.5-inch screen size puts the handset in the similar territory of the iPhone 6S.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

This smartphone of Samsung also connects to the internet through Wi-Fi and 4G LTE network also. Its screen is bigger than the iPhone, which is a big matter in case of web browsing. You can read books, FB pages and articles easily.

So, now you know about the top smartphones best suitable for web browsing and super fast net surfing. So, based on your net browsing habits, the above-discussed phones are the ideal for you.

Android Marshmallow tips: get the most from your phone

Update of the software has just arrived and you must be curious to know that what all is new in the operating system and how to use the device to large extent.

Android Device Manager

Now the user of Android can even have a similar function of iPhone. Now the user can track a lost device and even make sure the data on the device is secure, in case device is lost. Android phones are now in competition with rivalry phones.

The user has to log into find my phone feature from pc or laptop. One has to only type found my phone on Google and you can see the device on the located maps. Then next the user has to dig into Google settings and head toward Android manager.

User can change the pass code and on remotely locked on device. In case you check manager, one can even tweak options on your PC and desktop as well.

Share your phone

Android has a guest feature in the device which helps the user to keep his data safe and personal and avoid the peeping as well. The user can lend its device to someone by opting to guest feature. This will help to keep the data personal.

This feature has been recently added to handsets. Now the handset can perform in a similar manner like PCs used to be.

Now other can log in to make calls and to enjoy lot other features on the device. In case their device is not available.

Caller ID

Android has savvy caller ID feature too. If you don’t have the details of the number from where the call is coming, Google can add the details at the time of call and you get to know who is on the other end of the call. It will let you identify the caller and what next you have to do? Receive or hang-up.

OK Google

Simply by saying Okay Google, the user can get every information. The Okay feature Google let you know the IPL score and to latest news in the whole world. Android Marshmallow has really made our life so easy by adding these features.


The user can now make a new folder by adding few app in that folder according to the requirement. For an example suppose, the user frequently use social media apps Whatsapp , Facebook Instagram and any other . Then user can add all these apps in one folder and make it safe by adding lock too.

One can customize wall paper and even fonts as well.


How to clear app cache and data on Android Marshmallow

Today, we have brought an article for you discussing how to clear app cache and data on Android Marshmallow. First, go to the Settings then Apps in order to search for a specific application to clear its cache. However, when you tap on a certain app the Android 6.0 Marshmallow will not provide a direct clear cache button.

Next, you will tap on the Storage options. In the storage sub-menu, you will find the Clear Cache button you were actually looking for and a Clear data button. If you want to clear cache for all the applications in a single chance, instead of the individual apps, then you must got to the Settings then Storage and USB and finally Cached data.

You can simply clear cached data for all the apps once you tap on the cached data tap. But you will have to confirm the fact that this is exactly what you need to do. Clearing cache will always help when an application misbehaves or is running at a slower speed. On the other hand, clearing data is a bit different process as it literally will delete all the user data and files associated with a certain app.


Apple’s iPhone 7: All the parts leaked so far

Apple is currently planning three new top end iPhone versions for the year 2016, which include a new iPhone Pro to go alongside with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Today, we will discuss all the parts to come packed on the upcoming iPhone 7, which have leaked so far.

The Chassis:

The Chassis part, was snapped on a PC screen and was leaked as the courtesy of the Taiwanese case manufacturer. From the Apple logo to the brushed metal finish, the chassis on this smartphone looks like the real thing to come with the iPhone device. There are some rumors from the supply chain source of Apple that the company is also lining up a device which does well with the plastic antenna bands from the iPhone 6S.


The dual lens camera:

The rumors are also flourishing about the imaging plans for the iPhone 7 device from Apple. There are reports that relate to the plans of the Cupertino’s giant for a dual lens camera system, which offers for a wide and narrow angle lens in a single package. This will allows the manufacturer to incorporate camera technology it acquired from the startup from Israel last year. The rumors confirmed an improved optical zoon and low light performance on this smartphone.


However, the analysts also suggest that Apple might offer a dual lens camera in its iPhone 7 or iPhone Pro handsets. The smaller version of this phone will come with a single lens snapper.

Dual Speakers:

The case leaks point towards what we can expect from this upcoming iPhone from the Cupertino’s giant. A case from Asia backs up its plans for a larger camera set up, while on the other hand Apple will still stick with a similar design as was packed in the previous year flagship phones. The same case leak also reveals plans for a dual speaker system at the bottom of the upcoming iPhone 7 handset.

Backlight Assembly:

The proof revealing that Apple fanatics will get excited over the smallest details comes through the leaked backlight part. This backlight part is almost identical to the one that is found on the currently available iPhone 6S handset.