Best Smartphones for Super Fast Surfing & Browsing Internet

Are you just looking for the best smartphone for web browsing? When you are buying a smartphone from any carrier, ensure that you are having the one with the best internet plans. Aside from the support for faster networks and the screen, it is essential for your mobile to have a backing of good battery also.

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After comparing some specifications related to high-speed browsing abilities, here we are discussing 5 best smartphones which are perfect for mobile internet browsing.

Motorola Moto X Play:

Moto X Play runs on Android OS and Chrome is its default browser. This handset is completely durable and features the 4G LTE data network connectivity. This is the perfect phone for you, if you browse not just on the go, but also in haphazard and unpredictable situations.

Huawei Nexus 6P:

Huawei Nexus 6P also runs on Android OS and supports 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi network connections. Its screen size is comparable to the Note 5.

Apple iPhone 6S:

Safari is the default web browser for the iPhone 6S like all web enable Apple devices. With latest iOS, you can connect to Wi-Fi or use the 4G LTE network simultaneously. The iPhone 6S is perfect for internet browsing with its impressive battery life and bright display.

OnePlus 2:

While looking for super fast web browsing, the OnePlus 2 fits well to the criteria. It belongs to the top mobiles in the market and sports a good battery life. The 5.5-inch screen size puts the handset in the similar territory of the iPhone 6S.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

This smartphone of Samsung also connects to the internet through Wi-Fi and 4G LTE network also. Its screen is bigger than the iPhone, which is a big matter in case of web browsing. You can read books, FB pages and articles easily.

So, now you know about the top smartphones best suitable for web browsing and super fast net surfing. So, based on your net browsing habits, the above-discussed phones are the ideal for you.