At MWC 2017, Samsung to reveal Galaxy S8 launch details

Inside Q1 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will get a release date and they are trying to shape up to be very impressive! This year Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to be a big focus of MWC 2017 of Samsung just like its recent flagships of Galaxy S. The release date for Samsung Galaxy S8 is just weeks away. The day when Samsung will unveil a series of new products, on the same day, it has been finally decided for the Galaxy S8 to be teased during Samsung’s press event in March 2017. It is also expected to be released in 3 different colours. In addition to this, a Samsung creation which comes with the name of Galaxy Tab S3 in rumors and leaks may reveal a key detail about the Galaxy S8. As per the report by local Korean media, Samsung’s DJ Koh will be the person who shall announce the launch date of the smart phone at MWC 2017. Not long ago, there were releases which stated that Samsung would announce the Galaxy S8 on March 29 and would release it even a month later, that is, on April 21. In fact, as per the report from ET News, Samsung Galaxy S8 would go on sale worldwide on April 21. But now, we ought to wait for the company’s MWC 2017 to see the accuracy of such releases and news.

The leaked renders and images of the device showcase a radical design for the smart phone. It is likely to sport a curved glass display on both variants. It looks set to be THE SMART PHONE to beat this year with a powerful new Qualcomm processor and upgraded front and rear cameras.
This launch is shaping up to be the biggest broadcast of the year, as usual and obvious. So, ladies and gentlemen, let us wait and watch!


Apple Faced Random Shutdown Issues With iPhones

The consumers of Apple phones have been recently reporting that some iPhones appear to be shutting off randomly when their batteries show they are almost 30% charged.
When the mobiles are again connected with the charger, the battery indicator fast leaps back to 30%. This serious issue has drawn attention from the annoyed users as well as Chinese customer protection groups.

As of now, Apple had noticed the problem; however, on December 2, it provided with a new statement with extra details. The organisation is still claiming that the issue is restricted to only a certain number of iPhone 6S devices which have particular serial numbers.


Apple noticed that a small number of iPhone 6S devices manufactured in September and October 2015 comprised of a battery element which was directly exposed to the controlled ambient air longer than it must have been before being gathered into the battery packs. As an outcome, these batteries unexpected degrade quicker than the normal batteries and lead to sudden shutdowns to happen. It’s crucial to know that this is not at all a security problem.

iphone-7-Rumored Image

Even Apple goes on claiming that when an iPhone randomly shuts off, it’s a feature, not vulnerability. Even, the company want its consumers to know that an iPhone is basically made for shutting down automatically under some conditions like highly cold temperature. To a user of iPhone, some of these shutdown issues might appear really unexpected, but they are made to safeguard the electronics of the device from the low voltage.

However, finally, Apple still believes that the issue is totally hardware, and is not the iOS 10 vulnerability which has being reported recently by some users. Even the fix still remains the same. If you are an iPhone users, you are recommended to check whether the serial number of your iPhone is covered, and if it is covered, then directly take it to an authorised dealer like an Apple Store. Apple also wrote that they searched for any other factors which could lead an iPhone to shut down unexpectedly. After deep investigations, no new factors have been recognised.

Windows 10

All You Need to Know About Windows 10 Creators Update: UK Release Date, Price & New Key Features

Microsoft has unveiled some basic features of its next Windows 10 OS update, which will be named as Creators Update.
The Creators Update was declared by the company at a product launch event in New York. This update will allow everybody to create, share and experience in mixed reality and 3D, connect individuals quicker and empower all gamers for being a broadcaster.
So just read on to know everything you should know about Windows 10 Creators Update of Microsoft:


UK release date:
Although there is no specific confirmed date yet, we expect that Microsoft will roll out the Windows 10 Creators Update in early 2017.

Once you’re on Windows 10, the Creators Update is totally free for you. But if you still don’t have Windows 10 on your device, you’ll need to pay £99.99 for upgrading to the Home Edition and £189.99 for the Pro Edition.
Key features:windows-10-min
Microsoft declared some new features in its forthcoming Creators Update. Let’s have a discussion on them:
1. 3D content:
For Microsoft, 3D content was a target, with Windows 10 targeting greater on 3D content that spans to PowerPoint and Paint also.
Presently, you can create 3D shapes in Paint and then share them straight with your social friends or print them straight on your 3D printers.
2. In-built broadcasting:
With the Creators update, now you can set up a live stream utilising Beam. You’ll be capable of interacting with the users easily and will also be capable of creating tournaments with friends.
3. Windows MyPeople:
This new feature allows users to pin their preferred contacts to the Windows taskbar. Even you can drag and drop any video, photo, or document right on the contact’s top for easy sharing. You can also get notifications, open emails, messages and shared documents and easily view them using Windows MyPeople.
4. Mixed reality:
As per Microsoft, the Windows 10 Creators Update will be the most cost-effective way of experiencing so-called Mixed Reality.

Android O Rumours: Name, Release Date & More

After the launch of the ultimate version Android Nougat in August 2016, now we are waiting for the same time frame in 2017 for the launch of Android O. However, we are unsure about its name. Here in this post, we are going to discuss some rumours related to the name and release date of Android O.
Google has always named its Android OS updates alphabetically, following Android Alpha and Android Beta. Till now, we have had Android Cupcake, Android Donut, Android Éclair, Android Froyo, Android Gingerbread, Android Honeycomb, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Android Jelly Bean, Android KitKat, Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow, and Android Nougat.
Thereby, in 2017, we’ll be looking for a sweet treat starting with O. This could come up with Oatcake, Orange or Oreo
Google has given the Android Marshmallow version 6.0 and Android Nougat 7.0. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Android O will be Android 8.0.


Release date:
We expect that the UK release date of Android O might be August/September 2017. Will your phone get Android O?
Google will support the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X until September 2017, thus, both phones might get next year’s Android O. If you have latest smartphone or tablet from Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony or Samsung, then you’ll see the update rolled out within first few months of 2018. According to Motorola, the Moto G4 Plus will get Android Nougat and Android O. If you’re having a budget model, then you might never get Android O.
So, what do you think the upcoming version of Android will be named? Do you have any name on your mind? Then, do not forget to share with us in the comment section mentioned below. If we get further any rumour or confirmation regarding Android O, we’ll definitely let you know.

iphone-7-Rumored Image

Rumours about iPhone 7 Pro: UK Release Date, Design, Features and Specifications

Although we have always found the ‘Plus’ model of the iPhone range very powerful, Apple might show something different later on this year by launching its iPhone 7 ‘Pro’. Here’s we will discuss all about this forthcoming Apple handset including its all rumours and leaks about UK release date, design, features and specifications.

It can be seen that the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus might have another competitor very soon – the iPhone 7 Pro. The iPhone 7 Pro will be quite similar like the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of design; however, it is going to offer more ‘Pro’ features.iphone-7-rumored-image

According to the report of Bloomberg, Apple’s plan is to launch only two iPhone models this September – iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. Some sources of Bloomberg also suggest that we won’t find the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Pro, which we expected to have. Well, it will be actually given to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Nevertheless, it is claimed by Nikkei that the ‘Pro’ handset of iPhone is going to appear in 2017, which is the year of 10th birthday of iPhone. It also claims that this superb handset will feature an OLED display same as that of Galaxy S7 Edge with 2 curved edges and even might be bigger than that 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model.

In spite of this rumour, here’s everything else we have collected over the weeks on the possible iPhone 7 Pro.

It is also quite interesting that the rumours suggest that the iPhone 7 series is going to be named as the iPhone 6SE. There is no confirmed detail about the Pro models of the iPhones; however, these rumours are in-order with what @evleaks aka Evan Blass suggested on Twitter that Apple is going to name its upcoming phone range as iPhone 6SE.