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All You Need to Know About Windows 10 Creators Update: UK Release Date, Price & New Key Features

Microsoft has unveiled some basic features of its next Windows 10 OS update, which will be named as Creators Update.
The Creators Update was declared by the company at a product launch event in New York. This update will allow everybody to create, share and experience in mixed reality and 3D, connect individuals quicker and empower all gamers for being a broadcaster.
So just read on to know everything you should know about Windows 10 Creators Update of Microsoft:


UK release date:
Although there is no specific confirmed date yet, we expect that Microsoft will roll out the Windows 10 Creators Update in early 2017.

Once you’re on Windows 10, the Creators Update is totally free for you. But if you still don’t have Windows 10 on your device, you’ll need to pay £99.99 for upgrading to the Home Edition and £189.99 for the Pro Edition.
Key features:windows-10-min
Microsoft declared some new features in its forthcoming Creators Update. Let’s have a discussion on them:
1. 3D content:
For Microsoft, 3D content was a target, with Windows 10 targeting greater on 3D content that spans to PowerPoint and Paint also.
Presently, you can create 3D shapes in Paint and then share them straight with your social friends or print them straight on your 3D printers.
2. In-built broadcasting:
With the Creators update, now you can set up a live stream utilising Beam. You’ll be capable of interacting with the users easily and will also be capable of creating tournaments with friends.
3. Windows MyPeople:
This new feature allows users to pin their preferred contacts to the Windows taskbar. Even you can drag and drop any video, photo, or document right on the contact’s top for easy sharing. You can also get notifications, open emails, messages and shared documents and easily view them using Windows MyPeople.
4. Mixed reality:
As per Microsoft, the Windows 10 Creators Update will be the most cost-effective way of experiencing so-called Mixed Reality.