How to clear app cache and data on Android Marshmallow

Today, we have brought an article for you discussing how to clear app cache and data on Android Marshmallow. First, go to the Settings then Apps in order to search for a specific application to clear its cache. However, when you tap on a certain app the Android 6.0 Marshmallow will not provide a direct clear cache button.

Next, you will tap on the Storage options. In the storage sub-menu, you will find the Clear Cache button you were actually looking for and a Clear data button. If you want to clear cache for all the applications in a single chance, instead of the individual apps, then you must got to the Settings then Storage and USB and finally Cached data.

You can simply clear cached data for all the apps once you tap on the cached data tap. But you will have to confirm the fact that this is exactly what you need to do. Clearing cache will always help when an application misbehaves or is running at a slower speed. On the other hand, clearing data is a bit different process as it literally will delete all the user data and files associated with a certain app.

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Apple is coming up with Second generation device: iPhone 5SE

Apple is coming up with its new device known As Apple iPhone 5se. the device has the best features among all. The device most probably will be named as iPhone 5Se which means the device of second generation.

According to the rumors the new device will be available in affordable price and will be close in size and shape with iPhone 5s. The device will be having A9 processor. The device will be having 12 megapixels camera which will bring out smart pictures like iPhone 6. The device will be having Live photos feature at the same it will not be having 3d touch as it is a feature of 6 series. The device may have metal casing which make the device attractive and durable as well.

iPhone 5SeApple iPhone 5Se may have 4 inches of display accompanied with Touch ID. It will really make the device easy to use as we have seen in 5 series. The device may have apple pay as well which make the user to enjoy wallet free shopping.


Apple’s iPhone 7: All the parts leaked so far

Apple is currently planning three new top end iPhone versions for the year 2016, which include a new iPhone Pro to go alongside with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Today, we will discuss all the parts to come packed on the upcoming iPhone 7, which have leaked so far.

The Chassis:

The Chassis part, was snapped on a PC screen and was leaked as the courtesy of the Taiwanese case manufacturer. From the Apple logo to the brushed metal finish, the chassis on this smartphone looks like the real thing to come with the iPhone device. There are some rumors from the supply chain source of Apple that the company is also lining up a device which does well with the plastic antenna bands from the iPhone 6S.


The dual lens camera:

The rumors are also flourishing about the imaging plans for the iPhone 7 device from Apple. There are reports that relate to the plans of the Cupertino’s giant for a dual lens camera system, which offers for a wide and narrow angle lens in a single package. This will allows the manufacturer to incorporate camera technology it acquired from the startup from Israel last year. The rumors confirmed an improved optical zoon and low light performance on this smartphone.


However, the analysts also suggest that Apple might offer a dual lens camera in its iPhone 7 or iPhone Pro handsets. The smaller version of this phone will come with a single lens snapper.

Dual Speakers:

The case leaks point towards what we can expect from this upcoming iPhone from the Cupertino’s giant. A case from Asia backs up its plans for a larger camera set up, while on the other hand Apple will still stick with a similar design as was packed in the previous year flagship phones. The same case leak also reveals plans for a dual speaker system at the bottom of the upcoming iPhone 7 handset.

Backlight Assembly:

The proof revealing that Apple fanatics will get excited over the smallest details comes through the leaked backlight part. This backlight part is almost identical to the one that is found on the currently available iPhone 6S handset.



Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6

As the sales of its flagship S line are going downwards, since the launch of Galaxy S4, Samsung has now opted to change the specifications available with its Galaxy S6 phone. Samsung has redesigned this smartphone from the grounds and has finally delivered a phone which it can feel proud of even in front of fashion conscious buyers.

As we know, the sales for the previous year flagship Galaxy S6 were not that good so the Korean giant is keeping its eyes on this newly launched phone to improve its market share. This handset is now available for sale in many regions in Europe such as UK and Germany.



If you were keeping your eyes on the unveiling of the new Galaxy S7 phone then you should know that it’s offering what exactly you were looking for. In other words, the Korean giant has tried to keep it up to its promise which this newly released smartphone. It will get a metal frame encircling the phone and is sporting Corning Gorilla glass providing protection against any kind of scratches.

The new Galaxy S7 phone adopts the back curvature of the Galaxy Note 5 phone which makes it quite comfortable to hold. It gets 7.9 mm thickness and comes with 138 grams weight. Increase in thickness is not random, and the S7 is now certified by IP68 which makes it dust and water resistant. This is a feature which was dumped previously by the Galaxy S5 handset. In addition, Samsung has also managed to fit a large sized battery to this phone.



Samsung’s Galaxy S6 was sporting a 5.1 inch display, with 600 pixels resolution. Samsung has kept the things almost same with the Galaxy S7 phone by packing it with a 5.1 inch Quad HD display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution. While examining these two devices within their color correct basic mode, we notice that the balance between their primary colors i.e. red, green and blue has now changed while in Galaxy S6 we were enjoying green in excess.

Now, we see blue dominating and red continuing to be underrepresented. As a result, the color temperature has now gone to the colder 6850K versus the essentially perfect 6580K of S6 handset. This phone has also suffered in the maximum brightness and is now sitting at 500 nits, in comparison to the 560 nits that were available with the S6 handset. However, the screen of the S7 phone continues to be a leading one and offers slightly superior color accuracy and grayscale response that the predecessor.

Gamma, on this handset has also taken a hit for the worse, with a poorer average overall but off the mark value across the brightness spectrum. A new feature is added namely Always on Display, which means that the screen on Samsung’s S7 phone will always show something on it and will never die. There are already a number of themes available for it and a third party developer has shown the access as promised.

this comparison has been made with the help and experience of mobile expert Sam, he review gadgets at Zapact

Vivo X6S Plus gets TENAA Certification

Vivo launched its latest handsets, X6 and X6 Plus, back in the month of November last year and now it seems that the manufacturer is already working on a successor to the later. The information came out via the Chinese certification agency TENAA, which has just certified Vivo X6S Plus phone in China. This certification agency is almost equivalent to the FCC certification authority of the country.

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However, this S model is not so different from the original Vivo X6 and X6 Plus phone on the inside. Basically there are only two differences between these models, as revealed by the Chinese Certification authority. First, the new phone Vivo X6S Plus will be powered by an octa-core processor with 1.8 GHz clock speed, while on the other hand the X6Plus gets 100MHz lesser speed. Though, it is still not clear that what chipset will be employed on this new upcoming model of the manufacturer.

Also, the Vivo X6S Plus phone will carry a 16MP rear snapper which is up from the 13MP count available with its predecessor. When it comes to the internals of this handset, everything else remains the same. So, the upcoming X6S Plus model will get a 5.7 inch AMOLED Touchscreen display with 1080 pixels resolution. There is an internal storage of 64GB along with 4GB RAM for better processing speed. There is an 8MP front facing camera which can be used to click high quality selfie images. Vivo’s new phone runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system.

For the outer shell, it seems that this phone has got an identical design to the non-S iteration. However, the dimensions are said to have changed slightly. This new phone will measure 158.16 x 79.94 x 7.7 mm dimensionally and weighs 190 grams. These measurements make this handset slightly shorter and narrower than the X6 Plus phone, but is thicker and heavier. On the basis of this, we assume that Vivo has a 3,000 mAh battery cell in last year’s model but there is nothing specific for the new upcoming model yet.